stake2earn welcomes Enecuum as an Official Validator Partner!


We are excited to announce our new partnership with Enecuum, officially adding now our 13th network to our list of validators.

Who is Enecuum?

Enecuum was founded back in 2017 and it is a decentralized environment that aims to integrate blockchain technologies into both business and state structures.

Basically, it is the first blockchain in the world to unite millions of smartphones and other mobile devices into a single network.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to become a part of the blockchain revolution. Currently, we create a decentralized ecosystem able to bring the blockchain and cryptocurrencies to the real mainstream, involving a crowd with regular mobile and desktop devices into the blockchain network, as well as providing the powerful toolkit for the dApps developers to create fast and low cost applications for millions of people. Enecuum allows each smartphone owner to be a part of our global network.

Enecuum offers the possibility to stake their tokens as well, using the Enecuum Wallet

Keep an eye on the project as it’s going to the moon! 🌜


Gabriela Tarabuta

Gabriela Tarabuta

CCO & Lead Product Manager

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