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Staking or Trading. What do you choose?


Crypto was and in some areas of the world it remains a very controversial subject. A few years ago, if we had mentioned the term "cryptocurrency", the first thing people imagine is the image of some kind of currency involving an underworld bank system, with hooded traders sitting behind some shady computers. Movies helped us too. There are many movies or tv series where stockers, kidnappers, or any other type of criminal act was charged in Bitcoin.

Nowadays, the situation changed a bit. Now, we read about cryptocurrencies in business sections of daily news websites, financial publications or even newspapers. Some of them dedicated even an entire section to publish and discuss topics related to coins such as Bitcoin. Fun fact, even movies and tv series we were referring to above, have changed. We notice several moments when they were talking about paying to some one the office meal or some theatre tickets in Bitcoin or other crypto coin.

But how do people get to these crypto coins?
There are several applications that help you buy crypto coins by paying directly with your Visa or Mastercard. Basically, this is a virtual exchange wallet where you change FIAT money (legal tender whose value is tied to a government-issued currency, like US dollar, Euro etc.) to cryptocurrency (digital asset that derives its value from its native blockchain, like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Solana, Avalanche, etc.)

Great! You are now the happy owner of digital currency.
Most of the people start trading in the hope to earn more money. Trading has a very important and simple principle: buy at low price and sell at high price. However, it requires a lot of time and experience in order to reach the dream to every trading: x3 or even more.

First thing first is to join every informative channel for that or those specific cryptocurrencies you are planning to trade on. There are plenty of Discord channels and of course Telegram channels. Here you can reach out to the community, find out tips and tricks, read about their experiences and even find out fresh news from their official admins before becoming public.

Remember that you need at least 100US dollars in order to have some decent weekly returns. Of course, you can start with less money, however the return will not always be justified as the wallets used to trade also charge some fees.

Finally, but not the least, keep in mind that the volatility of the price enables some traders to earn Xs while for others can mean losses.

Is there a long-term method to have monthly returns?
Even though staking exists since years ago, only a few knew about it or used it.

Experts in the market affirms that staking is a less risky method or gaining a return revenue, of course depending on the alt coin you stake and the total market value of that coin.

Just like for trading, personal research and experience play a great role here too. It's very important to stake only in coins that you trust and know about them. Get informed by reaching community channels on Telegram and Discord. Follow the project on Twitter and remain up to date about their plans.

Staking is a long-term process; however, you can stop whenever you thing this is not worth it anymore (unstake process). It may be that you consider that the coins is not worth it anymore or that the staking company you choose is not worth it anymore. You can start staking with a company, and then move everything to other company.

We recommend you to do your research well before choosing a staking company. Always check if that company appears on your coin website as professional validator or even on dedicated websites that promote validators. Try to talk with their customer support in order to get all your answers to all your questions. This is an important step and you need to be sure and have trust.

Gaining trust is one of stake2earn 🌜 company values! We put accent on the communication with our clients and we try to remain next to them on the entire process.

Staking is indeed a bit less risky but it has risks too. This is why we recommend that you never stake money that you don't afford losing. This is the gold rule in any business!

All in all, there are moments when trading gives you more advantage, there are moments when staking is worthier. Everybody talks about trading versus staking like there should be a single choice. We don't recommend one more than the other, we just agree that it makes a perfect match.


Gabriela Tarabuta

Gabriela Tarabuta

CCO & Lead Product Manager

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